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Women Entrepreneurs Who Empower and Changed the World of Business by Making A Difference

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Erin Floyd Women Entrepreneurs Who Empower and Changed the World of Business by Making A Difference

Black women are leading and making a difference in 2021 like they’ve never done before. And they’re doing so without remorse! Who says you can’t be graceful while still being fearless? Black women are now more than ever using their voices to make an impact and be seen on all fronts, whether they are commanding attention in government, media, education, or simply blazing a trail.

In addition, women of color face various obstacles in the workplace. While many women have made and continue to make tremendous progress in the business world, they still face almost insurmountable challenges as entrepreneurs. This is expressed in the low number of women who are angel investors (less than 20%), venture capitalists (less than 10%), and founders of female-led businesses (less than 5 percent).

Despite the fact that Black women entrepreneurs are among the fastest-growing segments of the female-owned business community. Black women are the owners of more than 1.5 million companies. According to the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses study, women of color have started eight out of every ten businesses since 2007.

All You Need to Know About the Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Millionaire Mastermind Academy’s is a platform where Dr. Velma Trayham empowers women of color while an opportunity to earn the same educational advantages as their competitors via stringent training services and mentorship programs. It is an important part of Trayham’s life to encourage, inspire, and serve those in black communities.

 The mission of Millionaire Mastermind Academy is to educate and promote the growth of women-owned businesses, thereby strengthening their economic presence and alleviating the problem of poverty.

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy was established to help women-owned businesses develop while also promoting local economies and fighting poverty through entrepreneurship.

There has never been a better time to bring about change in an outdated landscape.

Women of color are among the fastest-growing groups of entrepreneurs, having experienced a double whammy of discrimination and bigotry, prompting them to strike out on their own.

More women than ever are entering the corporate world in more powerful positions, and the horizons for future generations are starting to look a little brighter. Of course, change is impossible without opposition, which is where Dr. Velma Trayham and the Millionaire Mastermind Academy enter the picture.

Dr. Velma Trayham is committed to enriching the lives

Dr. Velma Trayham Business Owner

Having had a poverty-stricken childhood, Dr. Trayham has always recognized the uphill struggle that women face in achieving business success, which is why she has dedicated her life to assisting and encouraging women to achieve the same levels of success that she has.

In only a few years, she has expanded many businesses rapidly and mentored over 5000 female entrepreneurs.

Trayham is also a popular influencer and one of the country’s top industry experts. She has over ten years of experience in a number of sectors and a passion for developing and scaling businesses.

Minister Erin Floyd, Impacting the World of Business by maximizing the God given potential

About 5,000 minority women business owners have been mentored by the Millionaire Mastermind Academy throughout the United States. One of The Mentors of Millionaire Mastermind Academy is Erin Floyd. The visionary and founder of Erin Floyd Ministries.

Minister Erin is currently employed as a Vice President and Area Leader for Truist Bank in the North Atlanta Region, where she effectively manages several branches. She is also a member of the Branch Leaders Advisory Board, the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Council for the North GA and Atlanta Area, and the Retail Community Bank’s Communications Council. Truist is also a firm believer in the importance of maintaining a constant emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Erin’s life as an African American woman revolves around empowering, encouraging, and serving others in black communities. Supporting minority women in industry, in particular, is something she is passionate about.

The face of female entrepreneurship is changing dramatically and is becoming a lot less white. Because of the biases in the world of business, many women of color entrepreneurs will tell you that they have experienced and continue to experience double bias as a result of their race and gender. As a result, securing support, reaching out to potential partners, and even networking becomes more difficult. Which is why Floyd believes in rising above poverty and help women getting to the next level through her mentorship, empowerment, and Biblical teachings.

Being a mentor in the Millionaire Master Mind Academy helps Floyd to carry out her mission of serving others by assisting them in seeing and realizing their full potential. It also enables her to give back to black women who have been severely underserved in terms of income in their companies as opposed to non-minority owned businesses. She comes from a family of business owners and understands the dedication needed to be effective and successful entrepreneur. 

Minister Erin Floyd and Dr. Velma Trayham are both dedicated and are to uniting, educating, and inspiring businesswomen to achieve success in leadership and entrepreneurship.

By educating and empowering entrepreneurs, they believe in changing the foundation and growth of black companies.

Women entrepreneurs in general have less mentorship opportunities than men, and the disparity is even wider for women of color due to sexism and restricted networking opportunities. This is where Women-only networks, such as Millionaire Masterminds Academy helps make all the difference.