Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Steve Harvey’s Son Wynton Harvey?

Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey is widely known by his father Steve Harvey. His father is a well-settled and renowned comedian TV host, and he belongs to the fashion industry.

Wynton belongs to the second wife of Steve Harvey, the name of his mother is Mary Lee. He has three siblings, two sisters Brandi and Karli, and a brother Broderick. They are step-siblings to each other.

He studied in his hometown school and then went to study at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Then, he pursued his career as a photographer and fashion modeling.

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Personality  Of Wynton Harvey

Wynton’s personality is influenced by his father. He learned many things from his father because of his robust, authentic, and comedian character. Moreover, the interest of all siblings to each other one is hairdresser, and the other is fashion model and photographer. 

So, he pursued his career in the field of photography. Presently, according to 2022 research Wynton is 24 years old, and his height is 6.1. 

Career Of Wynton Harvey

Wynton Harvey discovered his passion at an earlier age and pursued his interest and career as a photographer. 

At the age of 11,  he started making his own snippet and picture while using editors in order to develop his skill and capabilities.

Moreover, in 2016 he started discovering his vocal quality along with photography, which can be an additional attribute in pursuing his career. 

In 2018, he showed his photography work in one of the exhibitions held in Atlanta. It is hoped that Wynton will pursue his career successfully in the future.

Wynton Harvey Net Worth 

Presently, Wynton Harvey earns from his two sources, photography and fashion modeling career. It is estimated that his net worth is $400 approximately. As a young and enthusiastic star, it is evident that he would add to his wealth in the coming years.

On the other hand, his father has a net worth of $200 million approximately, as per the recent report of May 2022. He is the richest businessman in the United States.

Wynton Harvey Siblings

Wynton Harvey’s father has had three marriages, and he was blessed with several children from the marriages. So, Wynton Harvey is one of his last sons. He has good relations with all his siblings and stepmother and stays connected with the family.

In one of the youtube videos, they could be seen together with steps siblings and Harvey. Moreover, he has a good relationship with his incredible uncle. He spends with them and shares momentous moments on social media. As a result, the relation and affection of Wynton Harvey are fair enough with his family.

Steve Harvey Being His Father 

Steve Harvey is a widely known American television and radio presenter, actor, author, businessman. He is the American richest celebrity who hosts many broadcast shows on the television like The Family Feud, Steve Harvey Morning Show, Celebrity Family Feud, the Miss Universe competition, Family Feud Africa, and many others that fascinate his viewers and audiences.

He married Marcia Harvey in 1980, lived a very peaceful and cherished life, but after 14 years, due to some unmet differences, they broke the relationship. Marcia was blessed with three children by her ex-husband Steve Harvey.

In some of the reports, it is mentioned that they were divorced because it was disclosed that Steve had started living with Mary Lee Harvey. 

Presently, Steve is in a marriage with Marjorie Elaine Harvey. And she has been the stepmother of Wynton since 2007. 

More important, steve’s third wife, Marjorie presently taking care of her seven children f and Wayton’s too. She didn’t differentiate Wynton over her children and always kept her life balanced with her biological and stepchildren.

Controversies Of Wynton Harvey

Wynton Brycelon Ali Harvey makes ensure to keep his private life secure and unaffected. He has not mentioned in any interviews his serious relationship.

But, it is evident to speak that he is dating Taylor Gordon’s daughter since 2016. She is the daughter of a famous journalist, Ed Gordon’s who is renowned for her strong and aggressive journalism.

They started their relationship in 2016, and there is no evidence that they will officially engage in getting married or not in the future. It is yet to be seen as his entire focus is to flourish his career.

Wynton Harvey’s Mother

Mary Lee Harvey, she is the second wife of Steve. 

Steve Harvey married her wife in 1986, and they brought up and nourished the Wynton together. 

Unfortunately, due to unsettled issues, they mutually decided for divorce. By 2005, they got separation. But important is that he keeps his strong connection with his parents.

Marry Lee Harvey pursued her career as a makeup artist. In 2013, she was arrested for breaking the court orders. Therefore, she commemorated Christmas behind bars.

Why Was Mary Lee Harvey Arrested?

Basically, after the divorce of their parents, the court ordered Steve to be the custodian of Wynton’s.

The court granted Mary Lee Harvey, a proper settlement that included a one-off payment of $1.5 million, also the possession of three of their homes, and $40,000 on monthly basis after the divorce. But sadly, she breached a court order in 2013 by deliberately accusing Steve Harvey of child abuse. 

However, There was no evidence to support her reasons for violating the law. While on the other hand, Steve’s name was cleared by the court, and he remained Wynton’s custodian.

Why Wynton’s Parents Divorced In 2005

Mary and Steve lived a very pacific life for ten years, along with their support to each other. But, due to some unsettled differences and nature they got divorced which resultantly led to both of them to court claim the custody of Steve Harvey.  

However, the court ruled in favor of his father, Steve Harvey, and gratified him proper custody of his son, Wynston Harvey. 

As a result, Wynton Harvey is living with his father but he keeps connecting to her mother, Mary Lee Harvey

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