Yinzer Crazy Creating Buzz in Pittsburgh

Yinzer Crazy Creating Buzz in Pittsburgh

Mike Nicastro and Jordan York evolved a business idea off the Yinzer Crazy website. Mike and Jordan are school friends and have spent much of their time with each other. Their amazing chemistry, overwhelming communication skills, and sports passion are now being loved by people of Pittsburgh.

What Is Yinzer Crazy?

Yinzer Crazy is a website specifically for Pittsburgh Sports Content. Yes! Now people will be aware of all sports activities and rising talent in their city.

The website mainly focuses on delivering genuine sports news regarding local sports series, college leagues, and national sports activities. When a Pittsburgh sports team is participating in any sports events, Yinzer Crazy is ready to cover the stories about anything and everything related to sports.


This is not the end, there are plenty of surprises on the way as well!

Yinzer Crazy started with an aim to promote local sports talent and bring the attention of the young generation towards sports activities. So, the website introduced the idea of a podcast for Pittsburgh sports.
The duo of Mike and Jordan is more than amazing. Where Mike delivers witty analysis and Jordan adds zany one-liners to bring the humor –their chemistry and makes the sports analysis super interesting and relishing for the listeners.

Local teams like Penguins (Hockey), Steelers (Football), and Pirates (Baseball) are on website tabs for the latest news and happenings. The podcast also discusses these teams and players. Now there is no chance that Pittsburgh sports lovers can miss any of the news about their favorite teams.

Along with sports events and news, the viewers can also enjoy sports predictions before the game starts. It helps fans understand the compatibility of teams, their positive and negative sides, etc. It makes a contest more interesting for sports enthusiasts.

You can also expect genuine sports and team analysis at Yinzer crazy. For a sports lover, the value of genuine analysis is more than anything. The experts will evaluate the potential of a team, their past records, and their strengths & weaknesses. The one on one news and analysis will help sports fans understand the weight of a team and their in-depth talent.

Obviously, Yinzer Crazy is not missing the news about your favorite players from Pittsburgh. Players’ accomplishments, life happenings, and much much more are on board as well.

The Yinzer Crazy hype just began its journey in 2019 and the response of listeners and the love of followers has helped them bring out the best. The guests on their show include a long list of popular sports figures- from former Pirates 1st Baseman and current MLB Network analyst Sean Casey, Seton La-Salle Grad and former player from Pirates, Steelers QB and current Pro Football Focus Analyst Bruce Gradkowski, and former Pirates All-Star Catcher Jason Kendall.

Yinzer Crazy –Reshaping Tomorrow

As we all are aware of the fact that the young generation is taking more interest in mobile games, YouTube or Netflix movies, etc. Sports and physical activities are not being given their due attention. This attitude is not only alarming for the sports world only but a common person as well. Day by day health concerns of kids are becoming more and more serious.

Yinzer Crazy thought to reshape the future of Pittsburgh children by developing sports interest. By promoting local talents and popular athletes from their city, the Yinzer team is basically giving a chance to local players and sports to mark their impact on the younger generation.

Also, the success stories of different local players will be a source of inspiration and muse for people of all age groups. On the other hand, the world can also know about local talent through the internet without searching too much. Just on a few clicks all Pittsburgh sports events and news will be on your screen.

The idea is to keep local talent and popular sports personalities from Pittsburgh in news, praise their skills and promote sports culture through the podcast, blogs, and news articles so that college students and the ones in middle schools have encouragement for their involvement in sports activities.

Mike and Jordan are also planning to grow the Yinzer Crazy brand, website and podcast for years to come. The possibilities are endless and Pittsburgh sports are in good hands.

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