YouTube Rewind 2019

YouTube Rewind 2019: YouTube has done the disaster again!

YouTube Rewind 2019 is on a path to become another disaster for the company’s second year in a row. YouTube Rewind 2018 was one of the most disliked videos on the platform but YouTube Rewind 2019 is on the path to snatch the title of the most disliked video. Although, YouTube went all out to save the YouTube Rewind 2019 by not opting to spark their creativity, instead of focusing on the data. However, till now, YouTube is embarrassing itself in front of everyone as there are two dislikes against everyone like i.e. 0.75 Million likes and 1.5 Million dislikes. YouTube tried to go exactly the opposite way this year from YouTube Rewind 2018, still, it ended up in the embarrassment.

YouTube Rewind 2018: The First Disaster

YouTube Rewind 2018 was one of the biggest disasters for creators at YouTube as the video of YouTube Rewind 2018 posted 2.6 Million likes and whopping 17 Million dislikes from the audience. So, what went wrong in 2018? As a starter, critics believe that YouTube tried to win corporate hearts instead of the YouTube audience. Hence, the company mistakenly ignored the YouTube Culture in YouTube Rewind 2018. The video started by Will Smith, who has just joined YouTube and was mainly a mainstream media guy. From Will Smith, the video went into Fortnight which was a Twitch territory. Instead of YouTube rewind, it became the YouTube promotion video right away. Hence, it was punished badly. Despite all the lessons from YouTube Rewind 2018, YouTube Rewind 2019 went completely in the wrong direction.

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YouTube Rewind 2019: The Second Disaster in Row

YouTube Rewind 2019 is made from a completely different approach i.e. sharing what the audience liked. The first line of description in the video says “In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. For Rewind 2019, let’s see what you DID like”. This first line of description completely shows that YouTube has done with testing or creating anything for YouTube Rewind 2019 and they opt to recap only what people liked during the year. It means that instead of creating something amazing, YouTube has completely focused on projecting the data, like the top ten these videos and the top ten those videos or creators. Although the audience likes those creators and videos, still YouTube audience was hoping for some creativity in the YouTube Rewind instead of making the mediocre top ten lists. Hence, the audience is venting out the frustration on the dislike button.  


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