Yusuf Berkan Altun – Paving His Way towards Success in the World of Technology

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Yusuf Berkan Altun

While most of us dream, some work hard to achieve them.

But what does it take to be successful at what you love?

The answer to this is simply persistence. It is accepting challenges and opportunities by being fearless to start at any point in your life.

As undivided faith in passion is something that always paves its way to success. And that’s why we are here to talk about Yusuf Berkan Altun, the Founder of Inqube GmbH.

About Inqube GmbH

Inqube GhbH is a forward guiding consultancy firm based in Switzerland that provides consulting for investments, marketing, and startup coaching services to clients, individuals, and companies.

 With Tech Company at its core, inqube always stays on the par with technological advancements in the business industry. It helps clients globally with their startups and develops a well-structured infrastructure that allows businesses to run year after year.

With highly experienced professionals in the belt, inqube is proactive. They never stop learning and are always up to date with the latest trends and technological advancements, making them competitive even more when they are more inclined to serve the client by investing in their success and seeing their success as their own. Not only fulfilling the current needs but preparing them for the future.

Yusuf’s background

Yusuf was very self-motivated and precise at a very young age. He wanted to do something in the tech industry.

His hometown is Zurich, where he started his working experience as a consultant and intern in the IT industry and was never worn out from challenges; due to his undivided focus on his goal, he learned to manage work and study balance. After graduating from college, Yusuf increased his operational exposure and experience by dealing with clients from Dubai, London, and Zurich by working in a financial advisory company. 

Encouraged and experienced now, He widened his grip on business development by selling his company after eight months which was established in 2015. His interest in technology and learning always had him going and growing.

His journey

Speaking of his actual journey, it all started at the age of 20, when for an investor meeting, he flew to India, with only 200 Euros. On achieving the investment, after one year, he sold the company. This exit led him to Draper University, in Silicon Valley, for his education.

He invested the capital he achieved from business; this was the turning point Yousuf was looking for, as he learned from the famous American venture capitalist, Tim Draper, and mastering his knowledge in angel marketing and entrepreneurship.

 During his three-month stay in San Francisco, encouraged and fascinated by the network, he started angel investing in three different companies. One of the companies having a value of three hundred and fifty million dollars now.

Then he moved to Zurich, where he developed his forwarding consultancy, inqube GmbH, providing tech solutions, meeting marketing needs for startups, and investment consulting. He became a partner of El Group International while being an advisor for various companies.

 He became the EMEA head after moving to Dubai. After five years in Dubai, driven by excitement, he founded techdistrict.com along with his two partners.

 Moving to Turkey for expanding the business, He also stayed the EL GROUP board member. After five years in that business, he did his second successful exit after selling his shares to his partner.

Following the trends: IoT Business Hub Switzerland

Indeed, IoT has impacted our professional & personal lives differently and it has multiple benefits. Some of them are subtle but a few of them are impossible to miss. So, with a mission to benefit the Swiss ecosystem with IoT & technology, Dr S. Fateh, Andreas Hosang & Yusuf Berkan Altun established a company with the name IoT Business Hub. With this platform, the aim is to assist companies in identifying real problems while solving the issues, creating a win-win situation. Either you are an educational institution, software/hardware startup, enterprise, investor or customer, the team of onboard experts working at IoT Business Hub have in-depth knowledge about all the aspects of IoT innovation.

IoT Business Hub brings together small & large companies, academic, startups & scale-ups with their end to end approach. In simpler terms, they work with their partners in a global context. Also, the company is committed to share, promote & leverage industry best practices in the ecosystem while proactively addressing roadblocks to economic growth.

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