Zachariah Smith Wife: A Love Story Above TheBounds Of Age

Zachariah Smith Wife: A Love Story Above TheBounds Of Age

John Galsworthy right said love has no age, no limit, and no death. Zachariah Smith wife, Crysta Wilkerson, 32, has broken all stereotypes by marrying a teenager just months after her divorce. 

Smith, the American Idol finalist and a favorite to win the coveted show, pleased fans with his exceptional talent. 

Moreover, his phenomenal voice was not only the only likable thing about him. The audience loved his dedication to his much older wife and three step-children. 

Smith and Crysta’s relationship timeline sparked a lot of interest throughout the former’s American Idol journey. 

Reports obtained exclusively by the U.S. Sun revealed that Crysta officially separated from her previous husband in April 2022. 

Furthermore, the former pair are parents of three children ages ten, nine, and five. Crysta and her unidentified husband were awarded joint custody of their children. 

The reason behind Zachariah Smith American Idol wife’s separation from her previous husband was found to be ‘irreconcilable differences.’

Six months later, in November 2022, the 19-year-old Zachariah Smith introduced Crysta Wilkerson, 32, as his wife on his audition episode. 

How the atypical couple met, fell in love, and got married within a few months is a mystery to date. 

According to some sources, Smith and Crysta tied the knot somewhere around September 2022, two months before the beginning of the former’s American Idol journey. 

Sadly, the Monroe County, Mississippi, Clerk was not able to authenticate this information. 

Zachariah Smith, American Idol finalist, has not yet made a comment regarding the rumors surrounding his marriage. 

Moving forward, let’s take a closer look at Zachariah Smith wife age, career, and personal life. 

Zachariah Smith wife age & career

Unsurprisingly, one of the top trending questions regarding the American Idol finalist has been ‘how old is Zachariah Smith wife.’ 

Despite being in good shape, Crysta clearly looks older than her husband in all of their photos. 

Unlike most adult women, Crysta Wilkerson does not shy away from sharing her correct age. Since day one, everyone knows that she is 32 years old. 

After Smith introduced Crysta as his wife in his audition episode, people got curious to know about the details of their first meetup.

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Even though the pair has not disclosed any details regarding their introductory meetup, some sources discovered that Crysta is the manager of the Mississippi restaurant where Zachariah was working. 

The restaurant has been in Crysta’s family for the last two decades, and it probably is the place where Smith and Crysta’s unstereotypical love story began. 

Moreover, Crysta is a dotting mom of three children whom she gives her complete attention and love. 

After discussing all about Zachariah Smith wife, let’s look at his American Idol journey, the occasion that brought him and his family into the limelight. 

Zachariah Smith American Idol journey

Rightly so, Zachariah Smith has garnered a huge fanbase due to his outstanding sultry Southern vocals.

Smith blew away the judges with his marvelous rendition of ‘Hurts So Good’ by John Mellencamp in his audition. 

The footage of his audition now has one million views on the video-sharing platform YouTube. 

Judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie gave the singer a standing ovation, while Luke Bryan proclaimed: “Go back to Amory, get your damn apron, get a little lighter fluid, burn the apron.”

Bryan went as far as asking Smith to immediately quit his job of flipping burgers back home. 

Apart from his soulful voice, Smith’s sweet personality and bubbly face won over audiences’ hearts. 

In Smith’s debut episode, Crysta was seen anxiously waiting outside the doors before she was let in to celebrate with her husband as he was given his golden ticket.

Even though Smith did not win the American Idol, his participation in the world’s favorite music competition earned him much respect and recognition. 

His posts on social media accounts now receive adorable comments from his newfound fans. 

Recently, he posted a family photo on his Instagram where Crysta and his three stepchildren were all donning Disney gear.

One fan declared: “You and your family are just so precious and you have so much talent!!!”

Another wrote: “What a darling family!! So glad you you guys got to go!! Your kids are so cute too!!!”

Despite the 13 years age gap between Zachariah Smith and his wife, they appear to love each other profoundly and have received endless support and admiration from American Idol viewers. 

Smith’s passion for music was ignited at a very early age, and he was only six years old when he first started singing. 

Moreover, the American Idol finalist broke all records when he learned to play guitar at the tender age of eight. 

It appears Smith has always been as eager as a greyhound on his game after he sets his eyes on something. 

When he was just fifteen, he wanted to enter the coveted music show, but he decided to take his sweet time to gather more experience and polish his skills. 

His patience seems to have paid off splendidly, as the self-assurance he has now acquired is handsomely rewarding him in return.

Zachariah Smith wife, children, and sister

Smith’s decision to marry at 19 may have seemed hasty to some, but his unwavering dedication to his wife and stepchildren has proven all doubts wrong.

Undoubtedly, Zachariah Smith is a great father, and if he chooses to have his kids in the future, he will surely excel at bringing them up. 

Aside from his wife and kids, Smith has a 15 years old younger sister who has been supporting her brother by promoting his American Idol accomplishments in their hometown.

Smith’s sister considers him a role model and is proud of her brother’s recent accomplishments.