How A Snag In Zara Phythian’s Successful Life Arose?

Zara Phythian

Zara Phythian, who starred in the 2016 Marvel film Doctor Strange, has now been accused of having unlawful sexual relations with a 13-year-old girl, according to the BBC.

Both Phythian and her husband, Victor Marke, have dismissed the various charges filed against them at Nottingham Crown Court and say the claims are not true. 

The victim claimed that she was only 13 when the assault took place. She also alleged that the duo lured her into engaging in sexual activity with them.

According to the source, the actress, who is also a martial artist, and Marke are now fighting 14 charges of sexual activity with a minor in the United Kingdom.

Today, we will be discussing the life of a star Zara Pythian and how she’s managing the sudden shift from stardom to infamy.

Who Is Zara Phythian?

Born on October 5, 1984, in Nottingham Country, England, United Kingdom, Zara Pythian had always been interested in athletics.

She is not only an actress that many have seen, she is also a popular stuntwoman, and 3 times Guinness World Record Holder.

She is a fighter who is proficient in five martial arts: Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Boxing, Karate, as well as Thai Boxing.

Brunette Zealot, the character she played in Benedict Cumberbatch’s Marvel film “Doctor Strange” in 2016, is her most well-known performance. 

Zara has also worked as a stuntwoman on international films such as “Aashiqui: True Love,” a Bollywood film.

She went to the School of Champions Martial Art & Combat Training. Then she began learning Shotokan Karate at the age of seven and then switched to Tae Kwon Do. 

Phythian was admitted into the International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame for the first time in 2006, making her the first British martial artist to do so.


Zara competed in the World Martial Art Championship after studying MMA and won 13 times. Her achievements were spectacular when we talk about her age.

At the age of 13, she joined Nottingham’s School of Champions martial arts academy and became a 13-time multi-style world champion, who also fought in national and international fight circuits.

Zara also set a world record for the most stuff from people’s heads kicked off in one minute. 

She got her start in Hollywood when she was seen participating and earning four US National Belt Titles in one competition.

She left international competition after developing an interest in acting, then she decided to pursue an acting career. Her debut film was a low-budget effort called “Crops,” in which she played a woman named Snipe.

Phythian appeared in a few short films after she started acting as her career choice, including “Enter the Streets of Myth” and “End of Anger.”

But she never wanted to give up. Fortunately, her career started reaching new heights off in 2007, when she landed a role in Oliver Morran’s film “Underground.”

Zara appeared in films such as “Warrioress,” “He Who Dares,” “The Hike,” “Landlord: Time to Pay the Rent,” as well as “Aashiqui: True Love” through 2016. These movies were not considerable.

She has also performed stunts in video games such as “Risen 3,” “007 Legends,” “Aliens: Colonial Marines,” and “Deck 13.” 

Zara Phythian’s experience on TV was not as notable or popular as her film career, although she did appear in a couple of shows, including “The Fight Room” and “Curfew.”

Her biggest break came in 2016, when she was cast as Brunette Zealot in Benedict Cumberbatch’s star-studded “Doctor Strange.” The film was a worldwide hit, and Zara’s role became well-known.

Love of Her Life

Zara Phythian is living a life of dreams with her husband, Victor Marke, who is also a well-known skilled martial artist, taekwondo coach and movie producer.

Victor Marke is a producer and director of movies such as Furor: Rage of The Innocent (2008) and The Summer Of The Massacre (2006).

On the other hand, he also performed as a stuntman in the 2015 film Landlord: Time To Pay The Rent.

The couple met somewhere in 2013 and instantly fell in love, however, at that time Zara Phthian was a teenager. Her husband is 23 years older than her.

Victor was already married when he began dating Zara, who was a teenage girl.

Juliet (Victor’s ex-wife) filed for divorce as a result of their relationship

Later, the pair exchanged their vows in a private ceremony in 2015 and have been blissfully living a happy life ever since.

They will both be celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary in 2022. They spend the most of their time in England, and they also have a family house in Spain.

Where Does the Pair Stand Now?

Recently, a snag in their perfectly joyful lives arose. According to a source, the pair has been charged with various sexual offenses.

Because of the allegations, she is facing, it appears that Zara’s stardom will be short-lived or overshadowed.

The victim, who was only thirteen years old when assaulted, is now a fully grown woman, and claims that she was lured into engaging in sexual activity by the Marke and Phythian.

The BBC has filed a suit against Phythian, and her now-husband Victor Marke, for violations including sexual games with a minor in the United Kingdom.

The young woman in question claims that it all started in 2005 and continued for 3 years, despite the alleged couple’s denial.

The first offense was when the duo allegedly offered her alcohol, and Phythian challenged her to perform oral s*x on Marke, then he had s*x with both women.

A young woman also claimed she felt threatened and did whatever the couple wanted her to do. “I knew it was wrong but I just didn’t know how to get out of the situation or say anything,” she informed authorities. 

“I remember trying to copy Zara’s reaction at the time because I looked up to her and tried to be like her in every way.”

She stated that her respect for Phythian had led her to tolerate his advances, although when she realized she was being driven to do something extremely harmful, she attempted to intervene.

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