Russian-Ukraine War: Zelensky Believes That Vladimir Putin Would Start Negotiations And Finally Give An End To This War

Zelensky Hopes To Start Negotiations

In the prevailing Russia-Ukraine crisis, the house of Representatives of the United States has voted to ban Russia’s imports and other products in the country. 

To pass a bill, President Joe Biden used his executive powers to impose such a ban on Russian products and imports.

The ban imposed by western countries will adversely affect the economy of Russia.

The US passed Ukraine’s aid and government funding measure in the House Department.

People of the US House of Representatives vote to pass a bill of $1.5 trillion to support the Ukrain in the prevailing crisis.

On the other hand, according to UNICEF,  at least 37 children were killed in Ukraine and 50 injured in less than two weeks.

Moreover, the executive director of UNICEF, Catherine Russell, said that more than 1 million children were forced to flee.

Russel further said, “Attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure – including hospitals, water, and sanitation systems and schools – are unconscionable and must stop immediately.”

He said while talking to the press conference that The children of Ukraine desperately need peace.

Moreover, the United States has also caught the pace of licensing guns and supplying bullets and other weapons to Ukraine.

The news was revealed by the US Commerce Department to the Americans to support Ukrian by exporting firearms and ammunition.

The Commerce Department has further said it has restrained exporting the weapons to Russia to degrade Russian ability in military aggression.

However, to provide military support, the United States is donating thousands of sets of body armor and millions of rounds of ammunition to Ukraine and backing the country from the day 1st of the war.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said that almost 35,000 civilians had been evacuated from Ukrainian cities. 

After capital Kyiv, the second largest city of Ukraine, is also demolished by the Russian Army.

In a video addressed by the Ukrainian leader, he said that the humanitarian crisis allowed Ukrainians to leave the cities of Sumy, Enerhodar, and areas around Kyiv.

However, it was also believed by the leader of Ukraine to negotiate with Russia. The leader, Zelenskyy, has said that he firmly believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin would definitely enter into negotiations and terminate this invasion.

While talking to the media in an interview, the leader said, “I think he will. I think he sees that we are strong.” 

In the interview, he gave the direct message to the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to stop the war and start negotiations.

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