123Movies Capturing Viewership Through Its Free Content

123Movies is the widely famous website that successfully gets the title of the ‘most popular illegal site in the world’ because of its huge number of users who visit its site most frequently. 

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So, the whole purpose behind this website is to provide its users’ a completely free content, since the content which consists of movies and series are copyrighted and most of the time pirated from famous websites. 


But that’s not all. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about 123Movies and try to answer the most frequently asked questions through our research.

Some Highlights Of 123Movies: 

  1. Watch all the newest movies, serials and TV shows. 
  2. Discover movies based on their time of release and genre. 
  3. watch all the top-rated movies on the Top IMDb segment. 
  4. Many streaming servers are given. 
  5. Explore movies by using advanced filters. 
  6. No sign-up or credit card demanded. 
  7. Without any limitations watch countless movies, series, and TV shows.

123Movies Proxy Websites: 

In many countries, 123Movies has been blocked. If you are also confronting the same problem then here is the list of 123Movies proxy websites for which you can reach the 123Movies website without owning to use VPN or Proxies. 

  1. 123moviesgot.com 
  2. 123movies.domains 
  3. Is123moviesfree.com
  4. 123movieshub.info
  5. 123movieshd.be

VPN Identity Protection: 

VPNs are used for websites that hold the geo-locking feature. VPNs enable you to watch the content that is blocked in your country or locality. VPNs have been considering ‘the safe way to torrent’ for a very long time. A good VPN can certainly shield your identity, but only in specific conditions. 

Particularly, VPN provides you different IP Addresses and, if the VPN does not keep records, then there is the matter of the credit card info linked to your account but that is a rare case.

Undoubtedly, some other ways are there that can approach you, even if you work with a good VPN, the website that provided you VPN can still keep a record of your IP address. 

There is also the backdrop of DNS if it gets leaked and the configuration of a killswitch function.

Legality And Safety Of 123Movies: 

The legality of any website is defined by the law in any country, and each country has its different rules and regulations. In some countries, streaming is entirely legal and not controlled in any way. But there are also countries, such as the United States or Germany, where streaming is not legal. 

123Movies shows online advertisements in order to generate revenue. If you unintentionally or purposely hit any of these advertisements you will be redirected to another website. Although 123Movies is an old site, you cannot be sure about these third-party websites. and it is very common that some of these third-party websites may hold malicious files, viruses, adware, etc.   

It is very important to know that it is fine to watch movies on 123Movies or similar sites for your personal enjoyment, but it is totally different to use a site like 123Movies for commercial objectives. if you get noticed you can send you to jail.   

Virus Protection: 

Let’s start with how a virus works? when you open the 123Movies site or any similar websites and, from every click you observe it opens pop ups, new windows or lots of ads. While you close all these interfering ads, the malware, the spyware, trojans, worms and other types of viruses are waiting to attack your computer and, if some smart device is interconnected, you could possibly compromise your complete network. 

This is the worst consequence, but there are some techniques to keep you safe from these viruses. 

  • Having a non-pirated antivirus and anti-malware installed in your device.
  • Use some browser-based ad-blocker.
  • Another solution is to install a router-based ad-blocking system such as block ads using an ASUS router or a Linksys router or to install Pi-Hole on a cheap Raspberry Pi, through this the malicious ads will be blocked at the DNS level and will completely protect your computer from possible harm.

But do not consider this as an approval to use illegal websites, it is just a step to guard your devices from malicious websites.

How Do 123Movies Work? 

123Movies downloads famous movies, shows and videos from cyberlockers on its website, which enables them to receive content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, cam rips, and DVD ripped content directly from piracy sites. 123Movies holds an extensive range of movies accessible without paying a single penny and without registration. Undoubtedly it has grown one of the greatest movie streaming sites online. 

The 123Movies App: 

There are so many apps out there that claim you to watch free online movies. They allow a one-month free trial and then you require to pay after 1 month for further usage. And sometimes you are required to pay separately for each movie in some App.

123Movies App is quite different from those apps. It permits you to watch any movie or TV shows anytime, right after downloading its app. the only thing you are required is to have a high-speed internet connection. then you will be able to watch all popular movies for free from this app.

123Movies app was launched in 2013 with a small version. Now it has grown a lot and is considered one of the most updated apps that’s why it has earned a lot of viewership as well.

Another good feature of this App is that it is accessible in multiple languages such as Chinese, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Portuguese, and a lot more. So, it becomes easy to run this app from everywhere in the world.

Few alternatives to 123Movies:

Below are some of the alternatives to 123Movies :

  1. 123movie.ag
  2. Vumoo.to
  3. Fmovies
  4. 0123movies
  5. Snag Films
  6. PopCornFlix.com
  7. PutLocker
  8. YesMovies.to
  9. IceFilms.net
  10. WatchFree.me


Websites like 123Movies are rarely legal, and most of them are not even safe to use. It is essential to keep in mind that it is undoubtedly a crime if you prefer to stream movies on those illegal websites. If any website that enables you for free streaming is considered as cheating in most of the cases until the movies come under the public domain. 

If you need to stream movies for free, it will be difficult always. You have to consider signing up from some legal movie streaming sites such as Amazon Video, Netflix, and Hulu as they allow 30-days free trial. In most of the cases, legal streaming sites charge $9.99 per month, which is very cost-effective.

With all our research, we hope it will help you to find the right way of watching movies and also help you to protect you from any harm.


I am Sofia Mendela. My passion is to write about new businesses, leadership and capture interesting stories. I am quick in research and craft better stories.

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