Chris Kattan Revealed He Once Broke His Neck While Performing 

Chris Kattan Revealed He Once Broke His Neck While Performing

Chris Kattan has faced many inquiries about his neck since emerging in Celebrity Big Brother 3, several years since he laughed too much and ended up getting a severe injury.

This year’s houseguest included comedians and other celebrities, such as Beverly Hills Housewives celebrity Teddi Mellencamp and TV star Carson Kressley.

As the season gets well underway, alliances are formed, and CBS viewers get a flavor of all the action. Among responses, many are questioning what happened to Chris Kattan’s neck.

Chris Kattan’s Neck Injury

Chris disclosed that he broke his neck and injured his spinal cord while performing a sketch on Saturday Night Live back in 2001 when he threw himself backward on a chair while doing a parody of the Golden Girls sitcom.

The comedian and CBB competitor, a cast member on the show from 1996 to 2003, told in an interview that the stunt – which was supposed to involve falling backward on his chair in return for big laughter – almost paralyzed him.

He has given the details that at the time, he had questioned the safety of the move and asked the props department for a different chair, which never arrived.

Slamming his head badly on the floor behind, Chris started to feel the ache in the weeks and months that heeded but felt it would just go away.

This directed to multiple surgeries to fix the damage to his neck.

However, according to Variety, NBC and staffers have no injury record.

The CBB Star’s Recovery

Due to the injury, Chris had to undergo five surgeries to fix his spine. Despite the neck incident occurring more than 20 years ago, his stint on Dancing on Ice in 2017 saw analysts criticize his stiff upper body movement.’

Today, the comedian encounters problems because of the incident, including not extending his hand wide enough to use his fingers and typing generally on the keyboard.

He has consumed years of healing from the injury. In June 2021, when Chris had reportedly been removed from an American Airlines flight for not wearing a mask, Kattan’s attorney, Samuel Joshua Smith, told a source:

Mr. Kattan suffered a strong allergic reaction to supplements he has been taking to treat lingering neck pain from his injury on ‘SNL’. This reaction affected his balance and psychological state. The effects also caused him to have trouble breathing.”

Chris Kattan Medical Condition

Other than Chris’ neck injury, he does not have a medical condition. Several CBB3 spectators have been asking if he lives with any ailments and were unaware that he had a neck injury.

While on DWTS, he clarified that the injury and subsequent surgeries were the reasons for his lack of mobility. Fans who already knew about the star’s SNL fall have urged others to be kind on social media.

Chris Kattan’s Unexpected Farewell Speech in CBB

Before the live eviction vote began, Chris Kattan gave a spontaneous farewell speech, and Mirai Nagasu was eliminated from the competition.

“I don’t know much about game playing,Chris Kattan confessed during his speech.

I love you all, and I think it’s time for me to move on,he continued.

I will see you all on the outside.

Show host Julie Chen Moonves called his remarks an “unusual speech.

Mirai was then voted out of the competition unanimously voted 7-0.

Pop star Chris Kirkpatrick took the Head of Household title from Miesha Tate on Sunday night and nominated his fellow Chris, SNL’s Chris Kattan, who he labeled a “pawn,” for eviction, along with figure skater Mirai Nagasu, who he called his “real target.”

The original Big Brother first aired in the Netherlands. It was made in 1999, and it initially did not allow luxury items.

The show initially featured survivalist stuff, despite contestants providing basic amenities.

BB was quickly adopted internationally, with each country putting its own spin on the show.

The first season of BB in the US was in 2000, and since 2001, the American version of the show has allowed contestants to vote each other out instead of having a public vote determine who was evicted.

Some countries have adopted the American version of eviction voting, although others have stayed with the original format.

The celebrity version of BB was introduced in the US in 2018, and its third season is currently underway.

Chris Kattan’s Net Worth

Chris Kattan was born in Culver City, California on October 19, 1970.

Kattan starred on Saturday Night Live from 1996 to 2003.

He starred in A Night at the Roxbury, House on Haunted Hill, Corky Romano, among other films.

As per the sources, Chris Kattan accumulated a fortune of $6 million from his Hollywood career.

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